To Karen about SARS article at healthleaders

  1. I just saw and EXCELLENT article from NYTimes over on healthleaders. There was a lot of good things in it about public health and SARS. One thing that jumped off the page was that the first SARS case in US was identified by a NURSE. They said she quickly sounded alarm and patient was isolated early. She was UNNAMED in the article, however if she were a MD she would be on CNN being lauded as a hero. Sometimes you can post these things, other times you can't. I continue to love what you do here. Oh, by the way it was called "SARS battle strains US health system".
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  3. by   SandySummers
    NY Times: Taiwan nurses, bearing brunt of SARS risk and burden with little support, quit "en masse"

    May 21, 2003 -- A story by Donald G. McNeil Jr. in today's New York Times describes the resignations of Taiwan health workers in the face of the accelerating SARS epidemic, exploring the special pressures faced by nurses, who spend far more time with infected patients and must observe strict precautions, yet receive little support from their society or their families, who pressure them to quit to avoid the risk of infection. more...
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    Thankyou, thankyou Sandy.