The future of british nurses compared to others?

  1. In britian, like the rest of the world (I presume) Nursing has undergone more fundermental changes then anybody could have ever immagined and will continue to do so.

    The argument rages on, down one road, the one where nursing mostly came from, lies the making of beds and toileting of patients, but also talking to them, giving emotional support beacuse you know them, as an individual, of doing observations and "core nursing tasks" that have been claimed almost entirely by Nursing auxilleries, mostly, untrained staff, but also providing all the above in a vital cappacity.

    Down the other road lies advanced nursing practice, endoscopy, nurse prescribing and many of the roles traditionaly held by junior doctors and specialists. and also a decent wage and respect as a profesional group.

    Where are other countries at? What do your roles include?
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    Im not even gonna answer that...