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Nursing Activism / Healthcare Politics is available for Nurses to discuss issues such as nursing activism and legislative efforts as well strategies to change policies, law and regulations. Topics will include: the legislative process and communicating with legislators, healthcare reform, the American Nurses Association, and healthcare politics including websites for health policy and political activists.

Get Rich or Die Trying: Why Merit-Based Healthcare Systems Will Always Fail Us
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Get Rich or Die Trying: Why Merit-Based Healthcare Systems Will Always Fail Us

In a society where the allocation of healthcare resources is determined by political powers, access to those resources is controlled by several, often conflicting...

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Entitled Nurses
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Entitled Nurses

We all know someone that we consider to be "entitled." They believe, and in many cases demand, special privileges that they have not worked to earn. Working with...

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Our Death-Defying, Death-Denying Society

The following is a psychic reading that will eventually prove accurate with every single person in existence today: we're all going to die. The fact is that...

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Stop the (Deskilling) Merry-Go-Round, I Want to Get OFF!

Alternative title (courtesy of Brian Booth): How much is that cheap thing you bought going to cost you in the long run? Once upon a time, the Powers-That-Be,...

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Affordable Care Act Users Guide for Nurses

Sentiments run high regarding the Affordable care Act, but whether one supports the new law or believes it to be a case of government over-reach, the fact is that...

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Reflection-healthcare quality and safety

The following reflection will describe my understanding of the current status of health care quality and safety and my ideas for the best way to improve patient...

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Professional Organization Conference

The student applied for and was awarded the grant to attend the Professional Organization conference. Due to the intransigence of an administrative assistant, the...

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National Nursing Licensure v. State Licensure for Healthcare Professionals

National nursing licensure promotes more effective licensing than does state licensure by alleviating the ever-present nursing shortage and promoting mobility among...

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Stamps Commemorating Nursing

While rummaging in my parents basement after my mothers death, I ran across a scrapbook of stamps with a loving note from Mom " these are for Karen". In it was...

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The Nursing Career Minefield As Healthcare Organizations Merge
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Jim Keogh

The Nursing Career Minefield As Healthcare Organizations Merge

The healthcare industry is changing quickly. That's not news. However, these changes can have a dramatic effect on nursing as a career. The trend is for healthcare...

The Political Nurse Speaks
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The Political Nurse Speaks

I have been a political animal all of my life. From the time my grade school held a vigil for Bobby Kennedy and a mock Presidential election in the same year, I've...

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Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act

“Well why didn’t you just get a new inhaler?” I felt a sinking pit in my stomach. I was at a follow up visit to my doctor after ending up in the ER a few weeks...

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Mary Eliza Mahoney: America's First Black Woman to Complete Nursing Training

Mary Eliza Mahoney (May 7, 1845 - January 4, 1926) grew up in the Dorchester area of Boston, Mass. At the age of 18, she started working at the New England Hospital...

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Sticky Politics

It seemed at one time, nurses were defined by their practice. Being a good nurse meant that you were careful, confident in your abilities (or at least your charge...

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The Knight and the Windmills of Nursing

I am never a better nurse than when I have just been a patient. A recent ER visit highlighted this fact. I was in pain, anxious, and very very tired of being sick...

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Should Healthcare Be Funded As A Basic Human Right?

The United States of America is a nation known and heralded worldwide for its democracy, freedom, and wealth. Through our commerce, we have become a prosperous...

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Nurse Power - Get Out And Vote!

For starters, an individual is eligible to vote if he or she is a citizen of the United States who is at least 18 years of age, and has not been deemed legally...

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Hospital CEO Salaries: Are The Big Bucks Justified?

CEO is a widely used acronym in the corporate world that stands for 'chief executive officer.' The CEO of a hospital or healthcare system is the top executive in...

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