Senators Urging for Nursing Workforce Development for 2005

  1. senators urge more funding for nursing workforce development in fy2005
    sen. barbara mikulski, d-md, and susan collins, r-me, are urging senate
    colleagues to cosign a letter to the labor-hhs appropriations subcommittee
    requesting a $63 million increase for nurse education and developmentprograms in fiscal year 2005 to help address the nation's burgeoningshortage of nurses. though the nurse reinvestment act built on existingnurse education programs in an effort to address the nursing shortage, theletters says congress must "invest adequate funding in these programs ifthey are to fulfill their promise." the letter notes that nursing programsturned away more than 11,000 qualified students last fall, due in part to ashortage of faculty, and that the health resources and servicesadministration in fy2003 could fund only 602 of the 8,321 applications itreceived for the nurse education loan repayment program and 94 of the 4,512applications it received for the nursing scholarship program. a dozen healthcare organizations including aha and the american organization of nurseexecutives also are urging congress to increase funding for nurse educationprograms by $63 million in the fy2005 budget.

    write your local elected representative here or go to and click on legislative center and scroll to pa local government
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