Remembering Wellstone

  1. I'm watching the local TV broadcasts doing a Wellstone Remembrance. I have a bad cold so thought I shouldn't go; but my son is there with his gf. It's amazing how many Washington DC Democrats are here! I guess they (the family) asked Cheney and Bush not to come due to security and logistics. The arena is full of Minnesotans; people have been paying their respects to Wellstone all day. His campaign headquarters are plastered with signs and flowers; the family has asked for food donations to shelters and food banks instead. There have been 2 other memorial services today also.

    Some of the dignataries I recognize are: both Clintons, both Gores, Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Sen. Tom Harkin, Mark Dayton (Mn's other senator), New Yorks' former Mayor Guilliani (sorry I don't know how to spell that), Rev. Jesse Jackson, Michael J.Fox, Bob Dylan, and many many more that I don't recognize.

    Wellstone was Jewish, but they have a whole cross section of Minnesota clergy of different faiths leading the opening prayer.

    Former St.Paul mayor George Latimer is the MC.

    Minnesota will miss Paul Wellstone and all of the others that died in that plane accident.
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    Very thoughtful post, Jenny P. Such a tragic end to their lives. As I understand, he was highly respected among his constituents (sp?) and his colleagues. I'm sure he will be remembered well.