Pharmacy Directors, Unite

  1. taking a page from our book.... er website. karen

    found at

    worth a look: pharmacy directors, unite

    a multitude of resource-packed web sites target specific corners of the healthcare world. physicians, nurses, executives--even patients--have plenty of tailored options when surfing for information. but pharmacy directors? resources are available for them, too, but traditionally they've been scattered across the online universe.

    a new site,, hopes to change that with a one-stop shop of legal, operational, technological and educational resources. need advice on, say, complying with annoying regulations? want a bulletin board to post questions for colleagues thousands of miles away? fed up and looking for a new job? the site offers a broad spectrum of resources for leaders dealing with the daily operational challenges of running a pharmacy. you can even download a screen saver, if you just can't get enough pharmaceuticals in your life.
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