Pennsylvania lawmakers try to revive healthcare whistleblower bill

  1. pennsylvania lawmakers try to revive healthcare whistleblower bill

    pittsburgh post-gazette, feb. 12, 2004

    a pennsylvania bill to bolster whistleblower protection for hospital staff members and others reporting patient care problems is getting new life after an earlier attempt stalled.

    the proposed amendment to pennsylvania's whistleblower law will be introduced today in the health and human services committee, said rep. mary ann dailey rn, r-montgomery county. she and prime co-sponsor tony deluca, d-penn hills, have 138 co-sponsors this time, including key leaders in both parties. that's more than twice the number of co-sponsors for the original bill, introduced in the judiciary committee in november 03 ...
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    Think it's important for both patient care and management (long-term cost-effectiveness).