Pct need a Cna license ?

  1. Hey I use to my Cna license but it's expire on August 2017. I have my Pct certificate and license in New York . Now my concern is it's possible to work as a patient care technician without your Cna license ?
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  3. by   Buckeye.nurse
    The rules are different in every state. Even in states where a CNA certificate isn't "required", some hospitals like you to have it. I would start by looking at the New York board of nursing website. Sorry that I don't have a better answer!
  4. by   NurseSpeedy
    Where I am hospitals prefer you to have it and nursing homes/skilled nursing facilities are required by law to only employee you if you have your CNA. Assisted living (non skilled) were not required to hire CNAs but could provide on the job training of their caregivers. It just depends on what the laws are where you are living along with employer's qualifications for employment