October 2002 AJN Looks at Response to Food Shortages in Afghanistan

  1. from ana:


    the october issue of the american journal of nursing presents an analysis of the response of relief organizations to food shortages resulting from u.s. military intervention in afghanistan, and shortages in other areas around the globe. gerald martone, rn, director of emergency response for the international rescue committee, argues that relief efforts have worsened food shortages.

    also featured in this month's ajn are articles on ovarian cancer and early detection, children with crohn disease, and ludwig angina, a life-threatening illness associated with poor oral hygiene of dental work.

    and don't miss ana's columns: "health and safety" on how to choose the right medical glove; "issues update" on how the ana and uan are fighting to ensure workplace protections for rns; and "washington watch" on how nurses are using political clout to shape the profession.
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