Moving away from healthy children.....

  1. [evil][/evil]simply wrong. healthy children are our future. from
    the proposal would provide $5.4 billion to fund schip in fy 2008, a 4% decrease from fy 2007. in addition, the proposal includes an "additional allotment" of $5 billion for schip over five years -- less than half of the amount required to maintain coverage for current beneficiaries. bush has said that he seeks to return to the "original objective" of schip: to provide health insurance for children in families with annual incomes less than 200% of the federal poverty level. budget documents "note that 16 states cover children above that level, and 'one state, new jersey, covers children up to 350% of the federal poverty level,'" the times reports.

    he keeps doing the to support his [s]corporate cronies[/s].
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