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  1. as a taxpayer and future retired person i think that we can do much better in cost containment....

    medicare | medicare prescription drugs cost more than those covered under veterans affairs, study finds
    [jan 10, 2007] drug prices in medicare part d prescription drug plans are on average of 58% more for the most commonly prescribed drugs than prices paid by the [color=#394b6b]u.s. department of veteran affairs, according to a study released tuesday by [color=#394b6b]families usa, the [color=#394b6b]arizona daily star reports (arizona daily star, 1/10).
    the report suggested that drug companies could shift money from marketing, advertising and administration -- which consumes 32% of the top seven companies' budgets -- to research and development, which takes up 13.9% of revenue, according to 2005 filings with the securities and exchange commission. "the industry could absorb a reduction in revenues resulting from negotiations with medicare without paring back r&d spending," the report stated (anstett, detroit free press, 1/10). the study is available [color=#394b6b]online. note: you will need adobe acrobat reader to view the study.
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