mandatory vs OR nurses

  1. OR call is expected as part of the nurses job,YET,it is assigned(therefore, it is mandatory). It is in addition to the usual 36/40 hr workweek. This is 7days a week,yearround. It is asecond job. We work 10hr days-then cover a 72hr holidays. Now,here's where it gets really touchy--you earn around $3hrx16hr,then it goes to $4hrx56hr--this is the weekend call for 72hrs and should be paid as a whole BUT if you get called back for 20hrs THEN that is subtracted from the 72hrs!! IF you hire a security guard for your house for the weekend--you pay for that weekend no matter how many times he drives by other houses soooooooooo why & legally how can you not pay an OR CREW for a 72hr weekend of call. HELP any other ways crews out there with other ways. thanks vjg
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