law r/t dress code

  1. the hospital that i work at (non union) has just started a policy that requires all employees to dress ''business casual'' when coming to work, at work, and leaving work...i am an ob nurse that wears scrubs..i come to work, change into hospital furnished scrubs, clock in and work....the policy now states, no jeans, gym shoes or sandals (unless wearing hose) will be worn to or from work...most nurses, wearing scrubs at work, don't own business casual....question: can a hospital require a dress policy when we haven't clocked in yet....?
    Someone has said that it's a federal law that employers cannot dictate to employees that are off the clock?
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  3. by   Elenaster

    My hospital has the same policy in place and I think they're just trying to make sure that the employees present a professional image of the hospital, even when they're not working (i.e., coming in for a meeting, pick up paperwork, etc.)

    I would think in your case wearing scrubs to-and-from work should be fine, afterall, that's what the majority of hospital employees wear anyway.

    Hosptial Admins have a knack for instilling seemingly Draconian policies based on isolated incidents. They probably saw some kid who works in materials management come in to pick up his paycheck wearing a wife-beater T-shirt and flip-flops, so now you have a new policy that applies to everyone.