HHS Releases Final Report of RN Survey: Average bedside RN raise= 2% yr

  1. hhs releases final report of rn survey
    hhs secretary tommy thompson today released the final report of the 2000 national sample survey of registered nurses. the report, which is the most comprehensive statistical resources on the nation's rns, shows the average age of the nation's rns continues to increase and the rate of nurses entering the profession, particularly young nurses, continues to decline. to access the final report go to :

    downloaded at work what i thought was synopsis=121 pages. lots of meat in it, will highlight more tomorrow.
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    I am very interested in this. Don't know why, don't have a job and don't make any money.
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    The address in your post didn't go anywhere. I found the site at the address below. I hope I have posted it so that it will work.