Health Care as a Social Protection....

  1. interesting article from mother jones. access to health care through single payer is an intergenerational compact as well as a labor human rights issue.

    state of emergency
    across virginia, voters raise the issue congress has thus far ignored: health care.

    [font=georgia,times new roman,serif]joann wypijewski
    [font=georgia,times new roman,serif]january/february 2007 issue [font=georgia,times new roman,serif]i am one of america's 47 million uninsured, but i can't say i am much interested in "affordable health care." among the abundant terms that politics devises to leach all moral sentiment from a human concern, few uncouple themselves from the force of life so thoroughly as those three words. affordability, not social protection or right, is the accent, the language of pollsters and lobbyists. accordingly, "affordable health care" is one of the boxes democrats have on their list of priorities; it could mean anything or nothing. health is something else.
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