Federal nursing chiefs adapt leadership skills to guide RNs through uncertain times

  1. from nursing spectrum:

    undaunted by war, natural disaster
    dan kening and janet boivin, rn
    masthead date march 28, 2005

    federal nursing chiefs adapt leadership skills to guide rns through uncertain times
    an unprecedented series of world events during the past four years, both man-made and natural, have challenged in new ways the leadership skills of the members of the federal nursing service council. although few people in the civilian world are familiar with their names, or the council itself, this group of select rns leads government-employed nurses in the army, navy, air force, department of veterans affairs, u.s. public health service, and red cross.

    the terrorist attacks of sept. 11, 2001, and the subsequent start of the war on terrorism, the beginning of operation iraqi freedom in early 2003, last year's devastating hurricanes in florida, and december's catastrophic tsunami in asia have all affected their agencies in fundamental ways.

    nursing spectrum spoke with five of the six federal nursing chiefs about how they, as leaders, have adapted or honed their skills and developed new management techniques in today's radically altered world



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