Drinking Contest

  1. Calgary Herald Sunday, June 15, 2003

    Drinking contest!

    Re: "In praise of pesticides," Kenneth Green, Opinion, June 12, 2003

    Kenneth Green states that ethyl alcohol in beer is 1.8 million times as potent as a cancer-causing chemical than the pesticide Lindane.

    This is a statement so hard to believe I am willing to challenge him to a duel. I will drink a pint of beer, containing approximately 20 grams of alcohol, if he will ingest 1.8 million x 20 grams of Lindane.

    This works out to him swallowing 36,000 kg of the stuff. Which of us is more likely to survive, do you think?

    Stuart Arguile Calgary

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  3. by   Gwennia
    Very funny. Does this come under: "trust me I work for the government." or: "I can type big words, so it must be true"?
    Personally I'd stick with the pale ale...
    Thanks for sharing this.
  4. by   LucyGoosey
    Yikes! Looks like they are actually drinking lindane and then some in India. Wonder if anybody tests this stuff over here? Check out the warnings.

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