Clinical Ladder Discovery Committee

  1. I'm a new grad, working in my first RN position. I have been asked to sit in a committee to discuss formation of a "Clinical Ladder" which will serve as the framework for a system of bonuses in our hospital. While experienced in business, I was not familiar with Clinical Ladders. Discussions about them seem to bring out very emotional reactions. Could I ask you all to pitch in your "two cents" and give me your impressions, feelings, etc. so I can draw on your collective wisdom? What is your experience with them? Potential problems/pitfalls to avoid? Opinions of strengths and weaknesses?

    Thanks much!

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  3. by   AtlantaRN
    see if you can find the link to piedmont hospital, atlanta. somewhere on their nurses information link there is an outline of their clinical ladder program. It has what you have to do to achieve each level of the ladder. they have a 3 level program. the higher the level, the higher the pay increase.