ANA Position Statements

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    Bloodborne and Airborne Diseases
    Education and Barrier Use for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV Infection
    The Health Care Service System and Linkage of Primary Care, SubstanceAbuse, Mental Health, and HIV/AIDS Related Services
    AIDS/HIV Disease and Socio-Culturally Diverse Populations
    Availability of Equipment and Safety Procedures to Prevent Transmission of Bloodborne Diseases
    Guidelines for Disclosure to a Known Third Party About Possible HIV Infection
    HIV Infected Nurse, Ethical Obligations and Disclosure
    Tuberculosis and HIV
    HIV Disease and Correctional Inmates
    Needle Exchange and HIV
    Support for Confidential Notification Services and a Limited Privilege to Disclose
    Personnel Policies and HIV in the Workplace
    Post-Exposure Programs in the Event of Occupational Exposure to HIV/HBV
    HIV Exposure from Rape/Sexual Assault
    HIV Infection and Nursing Students
    Tuberculosis and Public Health Nursing
    HIV Infection and U.S. Teenagers
    HIV Testing
    Travel Restrictions for Persons with HIV/AIDS
    HIV Disease and Women

    Ethics and Human Rights
    Human Cloning by Means of Blastomere Splitting and Nuclear Transplantation
    Privacy and Confidentiality
    Assisted Suicide
    Nurses' Participation in Capital Punishment
    The Non-Negotiable Nature of the Code for Nurses
    NOTE: This is NOT the Code for Nurses.
    To order the Code for Nurses, go the Publications Catalog .
    Promotion of Comfort and Relief of Pain in Dying Patients
    Cultural Diversity in Nursing Practice
    Discrimination and Racism in Health Care
    Nursing Care and Do-Not-Resuscitate Decisions
    Ethics and Human Rights
    Active Euthanasia
    Foregoing Nutrition and Hydration
    Mechanisms Through Which SNAs Consider Ethical/Human Rights Issues
    Nursing and the Patient Self-Determination Acts
    Risk Versus Responsibility in Providing Nursing Care

    Social Causes and Health Care
    Adolescent Health
    Adult Immunization
    Cessation of Tobacco Use
    Childhood Immunizations
    Environmental Tobacco Smoke
    Home Care for Mother, Infant and Family Following Birth
    Informal Caregiving
    Lead Poisoning and Screening
    Long Term Care
    Nutrition Screening for the Elderly
    Physical Violence against Women
    Prevention of Tobacco Use in Youth

    Promotion and Disease Prevention
    Reproductive Health
    Use of Placebos for Pain Management in Patients with Cancer
    Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    Abuse of Prescription Drugs
    Polypharmacy and the Older Adult
    Opposition to Criminal Prosecution of Women for Use of Drugs While Pregnant
    Support for Treatment Services for Alcohol and Drug Dependent Women of Childbearing Age
    Drug Testing for Health Care Workers
    Nursing Education
    Guideline for Commercial Support for Continuing Nursing

    Nursing Practice
    A National Nursing Database to Support Clinical Nursing Practice
    Privatization and For-profit Conversion
    Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing and Managed Care
    Nursing Research
    Education for Participation in Nursing Research
    Consumer Advocacy
    Referrals to the Most Appropriate Provider

    Workplace Advocacy
    Latex Allergy
    The Right to Accept or Reject an Assignment
    Restructuring, Work Redesign, and the Job and Career Security of Registered Nurses
    Sexual Harassment
    Polygraph Testing of Health Care Workers

    Unlicensed Assistive Personnel
    NOTE: ANA work on the UAP issue has been ongoing.
    Registered Nurse Utilization of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel
    Registered Nurse Education Relating to the Utilization of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel

    Joint Statements
    AORN Official Statement on RN First Assistants
    Role of the Registered Nurse (RN) in the Management of Analgesia by Catheter Techniques
    Paper On Computer-based Patient Record Standards
    Paper on Authentication in a Computer-Based Patient Record
    On Access to Patient Data
    Role of the Registered Nurse (RN) in the Management of Patients Receiving IV Conscious Sedation
    Maintaining Professional and Legal Standards During a Shortage of Nursing Personnel
    Services to Families Following a SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
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