A concise argument for Universal Coverage

  1. Best single paragraph argument for single payer health care that I have ever read.
    From EPI: http://www.epinet.org/content.cfm?id=2524
    Perhaps it's time to consider universal coverage. Universal coverage, in a variety of forms, can create the workforce businesses want for little more than they pay for health insurance now. Universal coverage aids businesses by lowering administrative costs for employers and health care providers. Instead of each company having to administer its own health plans, and health providers having to hire insurance personnel to navigate the nightmarishly complex system we have today, a more centralized system can capitalize on consolidated filing and reimbursement mechanisms, thus saving money.
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  3. by   rnwaller
    As a support of the article quoted AARP just published an article about the automotive "big three" GM-FORD and Chrysler. They are actively moving jobs overseas because they can't compete with overseaes manufacturers. They site healthcare as one of the top costs they could get control of - they spend BILLIONS of dollars a year on healthcare for employees.

    A national health plan (that they are very willing to contribute to) for them would mean saving jobs in the U.S. I'm sure if these large companies are facing this challenge, many others would join. Maybe Hillary isn't such a bad choice? (this is meant to be somewhat funny)