2006 Legislative & Capital update

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    from capital update: volume 4/issue 6, july 28, 2006

    healthcare truth and transparency act of 2006

    on june 27, representatives john sullivan (r-ok), charlie bass (r-nh), michael bilirakis (r-fl), michael burgess, md (r-tx), joe schwarz, md (r-mi), and pete sessions (r-tx) introduced the healthcare truth and transparency act of 2006 (h.r. 5688). this is the first federal legislation resulting from the ama efforts to limit scopes of practice of many health care providers.
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    state legislative roundup corner
    working collaboratively on the american nurses association's state legislative agenda, environmental projects and other issues, ana and its constituent member associations have not only increased the awareness of nursing and health care issues for policy makers but have also provided the leadership in providing solutions. so far in 2006, state legislation has addressed a number of key health care issues.
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    ana working to make our chemicals safer

    in july, 2006, ana hosted a landmark meeting of representatives from ana and constituent member associations and leaders of state and national environmental health organizations. the group...mapped out strategies for working together toward the common goal of chemicals policy reform.

    this problem is not isolated to our personal care products, but is present in our workplaces too. are you a nurse who works around cleaners and disinfectants? does your workplace use iv tubing? did you know that cleaners commonly found in health care facilities (i.e.glutaraldehyde) can induce occupational asthma? or that the chemical dehp, a plastic softener for iv bags and tubing, has been linked to reproductive developmental defects? our "healing" workplaces are allowed to expose us to these products because there is no governmental policy that says otherwise. safer, non-toxic, and effective alternatives are available. however, manufacturers and facilities are not required to use these alternatives.

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