Pre-nursing students prescribed controlled substances

  1. So I've just been accepted into a nursing program after spending years working on a bachelor's in a different major trying to figure out what I really want to do in life. Needless to say I'm extremely excited and cannot wait! However, one of the final steps before actually participating in the program obviously includes a drug test. I haven't used any illegal substances in over 2 years, so I figured it's not something I'm going to need to worry about. On the other hand, I have been being prescribed a low dose of benzodiazepines for the past couple of years due to extreme anxiety. I am slowly weaning off of them, and obviously not taking them illegally. but since they can be known to affect one's cognitive abilities, I'm beginning to worry that the school may consider it a hazard when working with patients during clinicals. So now i am beginning to fear that once my drug test results are submitted, I'll be told I no longer qualify. Has anyone else been accepted into nursing school while on benzodiazepines, even prescribed? I appreciate any info anyone can offer me!

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  3. by   Orca
    My school didn't drug test.