Job searching with a disability

  1. I recently sustained an injury that prevents me from working as a floor nurse until it is healed. If it heals as projected, I should be cleared of work restrictions in about 2 months. I'm a little concerned that it will take longer, require further surgery, or be permanent, as I don't seem to have the ROM they expect currently.

    I have a job interview this week. Thankfully it ended up being a phone interview for scheduling reasons, so my blatantly obvious injury doesn't have to be a factor. This is not really a floor nurse job, and I should be able to perform the core functions without difficulty. That said, it has the standard physical requirements of every nursing job I've ever seen (ability to lift 50lbs, adequate manual dexterity, ability to perform CPR, etc.), that I can't currently meet.

    Realistically, this job has very specific and uncommon qualifications. If I am chosen, it will likely be because I am the only qualified applicant, and hopefully my qualifications will outweigh my limitations.

    What is the best way to handle this during the interview and hiring process?
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