Fractured hip and bad knee

  1. I sustained a horrible injury my 2nd year of being a nurse. I had a freak accident which resulted in having a sub capital femoral neck fracture with 5mm of displacement. At this time I have three HUGE cannulated screws in my hip, prior to that when I was 19 I had a complication with a routine arthroscopic knee surgery and have no cartilage in the medial part of my knee. Each injury of course is on the opposite leg. After being out of work for a year I recently started back into a busy ER. I find myself limping some shifts and having to take 800mg of ibuprofen prior to clocking in. I am still at a risk for developing AVN. I am very active and go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week so I am not overweight. Does anyone else have a similar injury? How do you manage? I become self conscious sometimes when I limp and people have noted my walking is different(which doesn't help). I can't work three in a row and barely get by with working two shifts back to back (I work nights so its easier just to knock out your shifts back to back).
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