Any nurses who had heart cath?

  1. Are there any nurses who have had heart caths? If so, how was it going back to work? How long did you wait from having the cath to going back to work? Any restrictions once you went back?
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  3. by   rknauber
    I has cath this past fall. Wasn't stented though, only very minor blockage. I was off a couple days at most, probably could have went back to work the next day. Minor soreness at the cath site with some bruising for a week or so. The doc recommended limiting "streneous activity" for 2-3 days past cath. Kind of vague.

  4. by   Miss Ludie
    I had a brady arrythmia with a 9 second "pause" at home. To ER and a heart cath the next day. I don't recall much pain except the immediate site pain for an hour or so. The next day I got a pacemaker whose site was considerably more painful but not intolerable. A couple of darvocet every now and then was all I needed. Most of the pain was from the nurses' putting ice, compression and sponge tape because of oozing at the site.

    So now, any nurses with pacers?