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Nurses think 'Minnesota nice' brings leftovers of flu vaccine


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Are Minnesotans too nice to get flu shots?

That's what some nurses are thinking after vaccination sites around the Twin Cities are being left with extra doses of vaccine, despite the nationwide shortage.

"I've heard many people say, 'I am 65, but my 92-year old mom needs it,'" said Mary Ann Blade, president of the Minnesota Visiting Nurses Agency, which runs flu clinics around the state.

Last week at a clinic at in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington, public health workers came to City Hall with 800 vaccine doses but gave out only 259. About 10 miles to the southwest, nurses at a clinic in Prior Lake arrived Tuesday with 1,000 doses and left with 750.

Frustrated health officials said they may be dealing with an excessive case of "Minnesota nice," the copious courtesy and deferential nature for which Minnesotans are known.

Full Story: http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2004-11-12-minnesota-nice_x.htm

Interesting, in Pittsburgh people will drive over your granny to get a flu shot.

Being from Minnesota, I can tell you this definitely sounds like normal Minnesotan behavior. :) I, myself, would leave it for someone "more deserving" if I had the option. I guess nice is just bred/trained into us. :chuckle

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