Who doesn't like a little dirt?

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  2. Ok now let's admit it, we all like a little bit of juicy gossip once in awhile. However, in the workplace it's not appropriate. What's the juiciest bit of gossip you have received? Did you pass it on or keep it to yourself? Have you ever been the subject of gossip?
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  4. by   tokmom
    Yes, I have been the center of gossip. At one time, I was sleeping with the manager . A few months ago, a rumor was going around that I was quitting. People were coming up to me and asking me where I was going! I have no idea where the latter one came from, but the first one, I do. Now that this person is gone, I haven't had any rumors spread about me.

    I keep stuff to myself unless it is a patient safety issue and the gossip probably is fact. Otherwise, no, it stays with me because I hate gossip. I think the juiciest piece was the stuff said between two managers who disliked each other.
  5. by   Carrie RN
    I once had a rumor go around about me sleeping with a coworker. I get how this gets started, because sometimes its true. The last place I worked an ER nurse and an FNP were both having a baby by the same PA.
  6. by   Thimbalina
    in nursing school a doctor and nursing student got her braces stuck on his pubic hair in a car in the parking lot of the ER. They were brought in on the same stretcher under blankets… oh boy! He worked there… um….. I heard about it but was not sure it was true or not even to this day. lol