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  2. Nurses, what do your dreams consist of?

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    Nurses, if you are not familiar with the horrific story where it appears Douglas Kennedy kicks a nurse to the ground, check out these discussions:

    What do you dream of?
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  4. by   GitanoRN
  5. by   Esme12
    My dream?

    That a Kennedy would be finally arrested and convicted of the crime that they actually committed......
  6. by   ChristinP
    LOL. Imagine being disciplined for something you did...
  7. by   nurse_kimbo
    Seriously. The nerve of that guy!!! Had some stranger walked down the hallway with Mr. Kennedy's newborn, he would have demanded that heads roll because the safety of his child was compromised. However, in the eyes of these nurses (and myself) HE was compromising the safety of his child and they were looking out for the best interests of said child. Sadly, he is demanding punishment for those who tried to protect his newborn while they were bound by the guidelines of their institution to do so. Do any of us doubt that had this been Joe Schmoe instead of Douglas Kennedy that he'd be in jail this very minute?
  8. by   nurse_kimbo
    K, that last post sounded kind of pompous. But um, yeah. He's a jerkface. Or in the immortal words of my then-four-year-old, he's a meaniehole.
  9. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I lived on Cape Cod and had the displeasure of meeting Senator Kennedy on one of his drunk days. Eventually, people get their just rewards.
  10. by   teeniebert
    Quote from nurse_kimbo
    He's a jerkface. Or in the immortal words of my then-four-year-old, he's a meaniehole.
    LOL! In my family we say, "Jackhole!" or "Loserhole!"
  11. by   VivaLasViejas
  12. by   Yosemite, RN
    Bravo! The ONLY thing wrong with that cartoon is portraying a nurse actually have time to sit down and NOT frantically charting...
  13. by   stephanie2012
    really cool......
    but a little bit of pity !