I found a GREAT NURSE who ROCKS!

  1. Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!!! Who agrees with me.. please share your story with me!! Laura has done wonderful things for all us hard working nurses in the past, present and future! She is truly an amazing women and has inspired me and 10000 other!!!

    I love watching her Nurses March on Washington with over 40,000 nurses back in 95 on YouTube... ha and next up is Washington, DC again! 4/26/18 #NursestakeDC.. all for us nurses. She has our back!!

    Need a great CCRN Review that is on the money! She makes it easy and funny to study, learn and pass!!

    Go to her website www.GreatNurses.com or follow on Facebook - Great Nurses
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  3. by   Annalise
    Thanks for the advice! Been studying for my CCRN and found so many of her products that I want to order! Wish me luck!