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  1. Ok, so long story short, I screwed up and got fired from my nursing job for stealing narcs, tested positive, admitted it, had to give a statement to the police. I joined ISNAP (Indiana recovery program). Well, the prosecutor intends to charge me with misdemeanor theft. I can't afford a lawyer. How will this impact me? Do you think they will convict me even though I self reported to ISNAP? Just really freaked and scared here?
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  3. by   Big Blondie
    Request court appointed attorney if it is available. Often times judges will allow you to go through your program successfully and those other charges go away.
  4. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I agree with Blonde. If you cannot afford an attorney the court must appoint one. In my nursing support that I am forced to attend weekly there are a couple folks in your same boat. Here in Pennsylvania so long as you are not convicted of a felony you can keep your license so long as you comply with the terms and conditions of the monitoring program