Nice break

  1. Got selected for UA this morning. Last test was 38 DAYS AGO! Been a nice break, and saved a bundle of cash. 8th month count down begining to dream of vacation with no monitering. ...Peace...
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Moved to Nurses/Recovery. Congrats on getting to the end....
  4. by   Kel65
    I had a 21 and then, 23 day break. 13 months left of three.
  5. by   malamud69
    Had 22 days in 7 days...they gotta make up the money somewhere...sick. Logic? Long ago dismantled.
  6. by   Kel65
    Yep, same here, three in 10 days. That makes no sense considering detection times. No sense at all.
  7. by   malamud69
    Well now...only in the "sense" that P is liquid gold! Too bad I can't make money off of my lol (little ol' lady) uti pee pee! Yippie!
  8. by   Kel65
    ROFL..liquid gold yep. You nailed it.