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is anyone else having trouble with the "power freaks" at IPN ?? first the "addiction specialist" i'm sent to has someone else's case in front of him... or the case manager sent the wrong papers. ... Read More

  1. by   saomets
    Well after reading your post this is the trouble im in...I worked in a long term care facility that wasnt the best place to work because things always came up missing...On a friday night in october (dress down day) i was doing my med pass after having an admission so i was behind a bit. A lady recieves xanax 0.5mg crushed. I pulled it went into the room but the patient was in the room recieving care. I was in a rush so i moved on put it inside the silent night crush bag and stapled it. Instead of putting it into my cart i put it into my pocket with all my other pens and alcohol pads and would return back to the lady later. I was in a rush i wrote on the mars circled it and worte reason why it was being late and put resident recieving cna care will administer when done. but i forgot gave report to nurse and moved on...1 week later i went to an amusement park with the same jeans i wore that work night and basically emptied my pocket when the metal detector went off...and thus the pill came out.. the police searched my wallet noticed my license as lpn and arrested me stating lpn do not administer narcotics and that i bought it from some street....(the pill was still stapled and in the silent night crush bag) Currently i hired an attorney and the state of nursing is aware but realize it was a mistake and would not do anything until the legal issue is resolved. My attorney recommended pre trial diversion which is just random drug screening and paying a mthly fee and once done all charges will be droped...i had to get a drug evaul from a center and i got a letter stating i do not need any form of treatment....i just recieved a call a few days ago stating from that center that since im a nurse they now wanna treat me and state that i should report my self to ipn and voluntary join them... i dont want to i never tested positive in anything and i never done any form of drugs... what should i do i got no clue...im about to tell my lawyer to cancel the pre trial diversion and go straight to court because if im forced to do ipn program i wanna be found guilty in the state of fl and under fellow peers before i have to do it....am i wrong for thinking this and wth can i do
  2. by   frustratednurse2
    Here is my story, on Feb 4th I was taken down stairs for drug screen due to high number of narcs given and 2 waste on morphine not given in Jan. for 3 weeks in Jan I had 4-5 sickle cell pts a day. My urine screen done there was negaative. After having argument with charge nurse on feb 9th i quit. Went and got another job, that pre employment drug screen was negative. was notified one day before i was to start new job that i had positive drug test for thc and had to contact ipn. I did so same day. In the meantime I lost new job, stated they couldn't wait. Ipn told me 4-6 weeks and i would probably be back to work. well after hundreds of dollars and evaluation with their md i'm still waiting for the contract so i can look for a job, by the way both hair and urine drug screens were negative for anything. I thought i could clear myself with IPN there is no such thing as clearing yourself. I haven't ever used any drugs and after 13 years of nursing i regret ever becoming a nurse. Any suggestions? fla bon are nazis
  3. by   frustratednurse2
    I have an update, I now have a 2 yr.contract with 6 month narc. restriction and had to take a class on documentation. My hair sample and urine sample were clean. I thought I could clear my name and get on with my life, not. There is no way to clear yourself, I am innocent, I don't have to have any treatments and I am not required to attend any meetings , however, finding a job now is impossible I haven't worked in 4 months and am facing loosing my vehicle and being evicted none of this matters to ipn. I call the 800 number religiously daily to see if I need to go give a specimen, couldn't afford drugs if I wanted too can't afford groceries. Please someone give me some advice.
  4. by   frustratednurse2
    I too am in Tallahassee and believe IPN to be nazis. I am innocent see my post I do have a pending job with prison system, but this IPN crap is killing me. Have to go today for second drug screen in 15 days *** they don't care if you can't afford groceries or pay rent just show up for drug screen and for me it looks like every 2 weeks
  5. by   foraneman
    Don't forget, IPN is VOLUNTARY. You do NOT have to sign a contract with them and you can take your case before the BON.
  6. by   frustratednurse2
    Yes you could go before the bon however that would be possibly a year later because ipn has to clear you to work i am divorced and live alone so i need to work asap. I don't have another year to wait. Thanks any way
  7. by   bybebichi
    Seems to me the BON uses the IPN program to discourage nurses from bringing their cases before the BON. Considerations include attorney's fees, and possible responsibility for state fees as well. So where finances are concerned, it seems many nurses turn to IPN as a last resort to keep their license.

    Just curious to know how hard it is for nurses in IPN to balance work, IPN requirements, additional costs incurred (and what those costs might be), or how difficult it is to get employment after completing IPN contract. How hard is it, and is it even worth it in the end?

    And are there other states with better solutions to these issues?
  8. by   genaa75
    Quote from bybebichi
    Seems to me the BON uses the IPN program to discourage nurses from bringing their cases before the BON. Considerations include attorney's fees, and possible responsibility for state fees as well. So where finances are concerned, it seems many nurses turn to IPN as a last resort to keep their license.

    Just curious to know how hard it is for nurses in IPN to balance work, IPN requirements, additional costs incurred (and what those costs might be), or how difficult it is to get employment after completing IPN contract. How hard is it, and is it even worth it in the end?

    And are there other states with better solutions to these issues?
    I have come to the point , where i just want to sign my license away , as ipn is a joke , i believe bon doesnt look into the full complaints and look into the allegations , we are just a number , forget the long hard years of giving are lives and time taking care of are own family /kids. We gave many miles , smiles and worked harder for those who need good caring nurses and there familys.Forget are needs , if your hungy or you have to pee.....Ok maybe after you take the treatment you didnt have time to do. Here is my story . I became a lpn in 2000. The medical feild was my calling , i was one of those nurses who felt good to help others even through the high pt load and being treated bad. Back in 2006 i was working agency that year and had many facilitiys requesting me back , no problems . One day i was asked if i wanted a one week 7-3 contract at a facility i had never been to , despite many nurses warning me of problems they had experienced there i wanted the week shift . I should of just never took the keys , and i wouldnt be without my license. First warning was due to change pt one fenteyl patch , and found no old one on this pt who was a total care pt. I reported this to the supervisor because the 11-7 nurse sign it was there. Next total care pt fentenyl patch due to be changed again no old. Reported it again. Requested supervisor go withme to check all patches and all were signed to be on but were not on. I was asked to apply to all 10 pt ,at that point i was very behind and agervated, as a nurse i know i had to get dr orders for each one , not one nurse would help. i called my agency crying , wanting to leave , but was threatened with abandonment.So idid the best i could with having 30 blind and deaf residents under my license.Make a long story short. 3pm came and it was time to count with the oncoming nurse , guess what 1 fentenyl patch was missing from the count.....I was in fear i may have put it on the wrong pt. So i ran to every pt checking , it could of killed someone 100mgs. The staff and nurses were so mean had me crying badgerung me. I called my agency boss . She had me come straight to the office for urine screen. So i left after getting into my car , the patch that was unaccounted for was in my back pocked , still seeled with pt room numb. and name/ With relief came fear. Would they call the police and accuse me of stealing if i brought it back ?I was happy i didnt make medical error or kill someone i called my boss , she told ne to bring her the patch and do the drug screen. I did she knew it was a innocent mistake. She called them and told them of the mistake, they still called the police , after a clean urine and a police report stating inocent mistake and the 11-7 nurse who signed patches was presant should be interveiwed. Well this was the end of agency for me. My boss then wrote a letter for me explaining she has had many problems with her nurses going to the facility and no longer sends them there, also explained i worked all over pinellas facilitys with good faith and always requested back. So i moved on went on staff for about 6 months was very happy as facility happy with me . That ended when a pt became violent and broke my shoulder .I had to get a workers comp attornney and was out of work and was a week later . I was asked to go see a bon dr.Due to a allegation almost ayear ago , i was hesitent ,was told if i didnt go i would loose my license , so cast and all i drove myself to tampa for this prescriptions in hand and proof i was not even working a due to injury .No big deal i thought. After shoulder healed found my self a nice job , doing well raising 2 kids on my own . I had been working aprox a year when out of nowere right at xmass time i was seved with papers stating my license had been suspended due to a evaluation 2 years prior from a dr who only talked to me for 10 min wrote her note and done.Anyway shocked i agreed to ipn thinking i could keep my job and do as they say , well let me tell you!!!!!!!!!After awhole year of there reqierments and urine tests at 45 a drop being labled as a adict because i was on narcotics after my injury and even though i had rx and was not working Via workers comp. I couldnt believe it took them 2 years and the allegations where false there was no truth , of what realy happend the day of jan 22.But with no money to fight it i signed there contract did everything they asked clean urine tests for a year . The cost of the support groups every week and 450. Dr eval 12 weeks of extensive out pt theropy.My contract was signed in march , i was told i had 5 years with them ,but after a year i could return to practice under there supervison. I attened my home support group every week ,for 6 months Nov 2009 , was to be my return back to work depending on my support group opinion....Little did i know , i shared a relationship break up with them , after group i was ready for my report as they were always good , stating i was sober , had good judgment and able to handle problems well . Not this one....The group My support group. Stated on my evaluation they didnt think i was ready to return to work < Stating i didnt share any problems at home leading to my breakup.....>I was crushed .I felt < A year for nothing > more time out of work and a nonsupportive support group/ I called my case worker the next day and she suggested transfering me to another group as she to knew it wasnt right , but ipn puts your lives in other addicts and recovering addicts hands , and just have to hope and pray there realy supportive and want to see you succseed Anyway i was so upset i just gave up that was 6 months ago , very frustated i gave up. I spoke to a attorney who stated he could of presented my evidence to the bon , and the allegations on my part , but because i thought ipn was the best option at the time , it would be hard and a lot of money to reopen the case and present my side to the bon......Very hurt feeling i gave my life to those in need as all of us nurses do and noone oversees some of the best nurse BON is loosing because we just cant seem to get to prove we are humans who care enough to do are jobs . I feel we are all just case numbers without Names........... I can only pray oneday my case will be reveiwed and i will be agnologst as a nurse not a number....
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    Quote from frustratednurse2
    Yes you could go before the bon however that would be possibly a year later because ipn has to clear you to work i am divorced and live alone so i need to work asap. I don't have another year to wait. Thanks any way
    Please , i need advice too. Last March 09 , i was basicicly forced to sign the 5 year contract , and was told i could keep my NL. After it was suspended on 1/09...Pending a allegation unfounded from back in Jan.07.......After the allegations i was asked to go for ipn dr eval what a joke 10 min.....Rx for my medical condition. No illegal drugs urine or hair.....I walked out of that eval thinking everything was fine..First of all i wasnt even activly working i was on workers comp..Had a broken shoulder < oh yeah i drove myself to tampa with a cast on , due to the threats i would loose my lisence.Ok after my cast came off i left agency work because of the faulse allegation and the dangers of just being a temp.I went on staff , i loved it as i loved my career.... MYself too a single mother , i do not abuse drugs , so my job was very important as i had no clue what was to come ahead.......THe allegation was on jan 07, my ordered eval w ipn dr was dec.07 a year....onther 2 years went by working a good job employer happy with me......and boom...Your license is suspended untill you enter a ipn....i couldnt work as a nurse untill they said so , again ..I spent a year doing everything they asked with a good attitude , spent alot of money. all clean uas at 42 a month maybe twice, weekly support groups at 40 a month , was told could go back Nov, 09 , but because my supportgroup gave me a bad eval , and in ipn , your support group has the ability to let you work or say not ready , the funny thing is 6 months every eval was great. Anyway i became very upset when my eval was read to the group stating , due to a realtionship breakup , and not sharing every detail , i was a high risk of relapse...Oh my ....I had drop 2 times that month all clean what.A year gone , didnt get to even try to find a job , being in ipn...I gave up now im signing away my rights to ever practice nursing in Fl. I have been a nurse 10 years , out of work a year and 6 months. what to do. Cant affored attonrney ..so good luck , i just wanted to keep putting my story out... as good nurses are being pushed out because . We all think ipn is supportive untill you sign and find out , you just signed you career away ....I will be signing my license away this week as i nolonger have it in me to fight them or go with them..Oh and all this and im clean and proud...If anything some state ipn pushes people into bad situations...I will keep trying to write bon. Requesting to go before them with my trueth not........The horrible agencys facility i took on the day of Jan.22. Good luck to all.... Gena still a nurse at heart......Paper states im some terrible nurse. Yeah ok...
  11. by   SouthernPoint

    I can totally feel your pain / aggravation / frustration with IPN. I think IPN is a great program, but with MANY FLAWS. I was so-called "Voluntarily" forced into signing a 5 year contract. After jumping at IPN's every command, I have now hired a Lawyer and I have went to the State.

    The 1st problem is NO ONE at IPN look's into anything. I was accused of diversion. I have never had a drug/alcohol problem. In fact the date of the accused diversion, I wasn't even working, I wasn't even in the State of Florida. But does IPN care. NOPE. I had proof that I was where I said I was, but it didn't matter. I was guilty as charged.

    All I can say is IPN has way to many flaw's. Maybe they are overworked like everyone else, but there should or has to be more PROOF of accusations before they throw contract's around. I know, you get an evaluation. That's a JOKE. I am now having my 2nd evaluations (by a different MD). Now this MD is like WTH? The 1st evaluation he is believing is totally bogus. I was hit with a DX during a 10 min evaluation and given a RX. Now almost 2 years later. There is a great possibility that the DX was WRONG. Sweet, huh?

    There has to be a better way. I am in the process of writing to my local State Rep. Someone has to be aware of the issue's and problems going on, so something can hopefully be done to help correct them.
  12. by   luvche
    I feel your pain. The peer program here is either voluntary (you go yourself) or ordered (by BON if you go before them and they decide or if you refuse to go voluntarily after being reported to investigations)
    There are simply NO checks and balances in peer. Even people in drug court have a lawyer that can argue before a judge if something is unfair.

    Case in point:
    I heard about a member who got a surgery about a month before graduating the program. She did what she was supposed to do. The physicians, surgeons and anesthesiologist filled out the forms documenting EVERY medication put in her.

    She tested 3 days after surgery. NONE of those drugs showed up in system. But another one did. A benzo. Well she had benzos during her care, but the lab was showing a particular one not listed. So she thought they must have missed listing this med. Got back in touch with all who cared for her. They have no record of THIS particular benzo.
    However, she had a pharmacist tell her after 3 days a benzo can be so broken down it shows as a different type of one. (He said, though, that it was weird NOT ONE OTHER MED she was given showed, but one she was not given did....sounds like mishandling of specimans to me)

    She eventually paid for a retest of speciman, hair follicle test and lawyer. Used up her savings. Hair follicle proved she, indeed, had many of the listed meds. But NOT the one she "tested positive" for in the urine.

    Because of that positive (with only a month to go) she is required to complete a whole extra 2 years. A judge can order that she was in the right, and evidence proves it. But peer doesn't have to let her graduate.

    I, myself, was told I only needed AA. No inpatient or outpatient. But the psych evaluator told me that "peer won't allow me to say you only need AA. They will require at least outpatient". Peer told me "that's not true, we go by what the evaluator recommends". Evaluator said that isn't true. So he put intensive outpatient (6,000$ at my expense....and I am not even working as a nurse and lost my insurance). Peer doesn't believe the evaluator told me that. But the intake RN for outpatient said "I believe it, peer will find a way to make you do more than just AA meetings". She had been asked to serve on peer board and refused for that type of reason.

    I know I should be greatful I will get out with no record of this on my license (as I volunteered). But it is the most involuntary, unconfidential frogram (for being voluntary and confidential). Once you sign on...you can leave. But then you lose your confidentiality and peer sends your records to the BON. Then you go before them and they order it. Then it's on your license forever. Confidential? Everyone where you get your supervised pratice figures it out when you can't be on-call, float, or pass narcs/controlled substances/any substance that can be abused.

    OK. Done venting and making no sense. Just gotta get through one more year of testing, nurse support groups, paperwork, and being broke!
  13. by   genaa75
    Southernpoint...Thankyou for the feedback , i know this is frustrating to most of us who realy need to get are point across and provide are evidence to the board. The thing that realy hurts me is when they make these allegations public record and fail to leave out important information < any police report stating deversion was unfounded/ letters of recomendation from employers/in my case the fentenyl patch i question was found and returned in its sealed package.Along with my side of what happend the day of allegations. Your right someone has to change things , these drs they send us to are contacted with ipn and will always make one enter ipn. Even when ua / hair is clean. Or you have active scripts for a narcotic ,and your not even working as i was on workers comp.I dont want to keep venting the same thing , but i just cant believe us < Nurses who give are life to the public for many years > Allegations should be investigated before we are even speaking to the investigater....We should be provided with some kind of attorney before giving a statement..True criminals have more rights then nurses....I called the bon today requesting papers to give up my nl , i was told i had to write a letter to the bon and they would .Im very sad that it has come to this , but i did the ipn thing for a year , got off all my rxs as ordered , went to there ordered outpt ,ect ect , and had clean uas all year and still pears had the power to give one bad eval.....All others throughout that year were good , positive , but like i said the month i was waiting for , to at least try to find a job with ipn contract on my back never came.If you found a good attorney please , please let me know. If anything i can use my experience with faulse allegations, hokey dr. Being told i could be right back to work after signing ipn>>>>>>Even if i get nothing out of this it may help other nurses who , think going with ipn is easier then waiting to be heard by the bon . Another thing when reading ones disapline report on line , its like someone just made up there own theroy of what happen and why you are unsafe to do you job...I found 5 statements in mine , that were wrong who wrote this ?????For all to see.I wont be back to this site for sometime as it only upsets me to see all of us ,,,, well the ones who dare to say anything>> That we are all hurting and angry , but nothing is being done.....