Hair tests!

  1. With all these "special tests", has anyone been getting selected for a hair test? I would like to to know if I need to start preparing myself for a $300 test.
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  3. by   OveritLPN
    I got mine my 4-5th month in.
  4. by   svetlana36
    I've had 2 already and I've only been in IPN for 6 months.
  5. by   Scollins2
    What are you guy in for? I'm in my 5th year (I have about 6 months left) and the only hair test I've ever had was the one during my initial evaluation. During the 4 1/2 years I've been in I've only had one blood test which was on 10/08, all the rest have been urine tests.
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  6. by   svetlana36
    I did a year in Connecticut, since moving to Florida I am six months into IPN but they are counting my year out of state. So I have 3 and a half years left. In that six months I have had 2 hair tests and one blood. And no one will hire me so who knows how much longer I can continue. If I don't get a job in a month or two I may have to give up my license because I can't afford IPN any more.
  7. by   Scollins2
    Holy ****, that is ********. They say they want to help us but the only thing they are helping is themselves by lining their pockets with our money. If you don't mind me asking, what got you into the program? That usually has a lot to do with what type of tests you get and how frequently you get them
  8. by   svetlana36
    My DOC were opiates. I've been in recovery 5 years and 2 months.
  9. by   OveritLPN
    My contract is for 6 months. Mine was mental health and never had a background with drugs and still get popped all the time. I should get my completion letter Friday. Hopefully. And I've had 3 test in the past 3 weeks.
  10. by   Scollins2
    That's crazy. What kind of tests? That to me just confirms it's all about money
  11. by   OveritLPN
    Most definitely. Blood urine nd hair, all in the past 3 weeks
  12. by   Eris Discordia BSN, RN
    I was in for abusing a non-controlled substance (don't want to name it due to identifying risk, but think like a bulimic abusing lasix or something). It was my own script, but I abused it and my doc turned me in. I'm two years into a five year monitoring contract. I've never had a hair test yet, but I get blood tests, nail tests, and urine tests so far. I'm anticipating probably at a minimum having a hair test prior to completion, but I haven't had one yet. But I have gotten nail tests, which can test further out than hair tests (6 months up to a year on toenails, which is what I've been having to submit).
  13. by   Scollins2
    Do you live in Florida? How many nail tests have you had and why? I haven't heard of anyone having that.