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Nurses in licence to fight back

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Nurses in licence to fight back

Jul 22 2004

Evening Mail

Infra red transmitters, hand grenade shaped buzzers and a network of highly sensitive sensors.

They sound like an array of hi-tech gadgets invented by James Bond boffin Q.

But this little pack of surprises is coming to a hospital ward near you.

Accident and emergency nurses at Selly Oak Hospital are being armed with state-oftheart security belts that even 007 creator Ian Fleming would be proud of.

As part of a crackdown on violence within the NHS, more than 70 nurses in the casualty and emergency admission departments are being protected with the belts.

When under threat, one press of the buzzer will send an infra red signal via 50 hidden sensors in the ceiling to security guards who can pinpoint the attack.

Staff nurse Dominic Legros said the belts were making medics feel safer at work.

"Attacks mainly occur in A&E because of frustration or alcohol, and the alarm can be raised discreetly with these belts," said Dominic.

"They haven't helped reduce the amount of violence as yet, but at least a nurse can get help if they feel threatened.

"A few patients have asked us what the belts are for and are disgusted that anyone would think of attacking a nurse."

Security manager Ian Harrison has championed staff safety by getting the Pinpoint System into action this year with a grant from the hospital's trustees.

"This system is very hi-tech and Bond-like," he said.

Violence against NHS has surged 30 per cent over the past three years.


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