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Nurses and Emergencies.....

Specializes in Vents, Telemetry, Home Care, Home infusion. Has 43 years experience.

from: online journal of issues in nursing great series of articles

emergency preparedness: planning for disaster response

a historical challenge: nurses and emergencies

kristine m gebbie, drph, rn

kristine a. qureshi, dnsc, rn (september 30, 2006)

be safe, be prepared: emergency system for advance registration of volunteer health professionals in disaster response

cheryl a. peterson, msn, rn (september 30, 2006)

preparing nurses internationally for emergency planning and response

elizabeth weiner, phd, rn, bc, faan (september 30, 2006)

a proposed model for military disaster nursing

christine a. wynd, phd, rn, cnaa (september 30, 2006)

nutrition and disaster preparedness: focusing on vulnerability, building capacities

marion e. wright, bsc, msc, phd, rn, rm, rhv

maija vesala-husemann, msc, rn, rhv, qnt (september 30, 2006)

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