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Nurse TV/Movie

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i'm fond of watching nurse tv shows/movies. i feel it lifts the moral and empowers every nurse. there are lots of medical drama like House and GA but i can't relate to the story because i'm not a doctor. anyway, here are some which i really enjoy:

Mercy: beauty and brains themed nurses

Nurse Jackie: shows the darker side of nurses

Hawthorne: a micromanaging nursing director

i wanna watch all the episodes of NurseTV online (an australian tv documentary), but i don't know where to find

can you give any more recommendations?

Try looking it up on youtube.com They have clips of most shows. I've found episodes of old soap operas that I used to watch over 20 years ago.


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Try to look for "Trauma" in Quiapo. You might also like it :)

Try to look for "Trauma" in Quiapo. You might also like it :)

but the main characters there are paramedics, not nurses...?

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If you like historical period pieces Mercy Street (2016-2017), ANZAC Girls (2013), are good. China Beach (1988-1991) was interesting.

All have Nurses in lead roles.