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Nurse strangles hitman with her bare hands!

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- When Susan Kuhnhausen returned home from work one day earlier this month, she encountered an intruder wielding a claw hammer. After a struggle, the 51-year-old nurse fended off her attacker by strangling him with her bare hands.

Neighbors praised the woman for her bravery, and investigators said they believed the dead man -- Edward Dalton Haffey -- was burglarizing Kuhnhausen's home.

But after an investigation, police now say the intruder Kuhnhausen strangled was apparently a hit man hired by her estranged husband -- Michael James Kuhnhausen Sr. -- to kill her.



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Don't mess with a nurse when she first gets home till she has had some time to decompress !:smokin:

Seriously glad she is ok.


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This is awesome! I would be impressed if anyone had managed to overpower and strangle an attacker with a claw hammer- but a fellow ER nurse AFTER who knows how long of a shift!??!?! Wow!

Did you all read her answering machine message? "we're all at risk from random acts, but its more likely random acts of love will come your way than random acts of violence". Great perspective from someone who was almost killed!:yeah::bow::yeah:


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I have that urge sometimes at work:eek:


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I think the attack actually happened in September 2006.

OMG!!!!!! HAHAHAH I bet no one tries to order a hit on a nurse anymore!

She must have been visualizing her worst resident family member.

No just kidding.

Kudos to her. No one should ever give up the ghost without a fight. I bet the next hit man thinks twice...

Fear of death makes strong power. Maybe she used to be a bouncer.

The evidence will have to be fleshed out but it sounds like the husband could have been involved.

Rule #1 When Hiring A Hit Man:

Tell the brilliant one not to take your name and phone number to the job site. :chuckle:clown::rotfl::beer:

I guess he works for "Dumbbells R Us".

Yet ANOTHER reason not to get married. :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

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Seriously, depending on how much the nurse to whom I gave report ****** me off after any given shift, I could totally see strangling an intruder with my bare hands. Or the guy in the three-piece suit who shoved me aside for the last seat on the subway. Whoever's handy, really.

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That's what you get for ticking off a nurse who's worked 12-13 hours with no lunch, no potty break, and an unsafe patient load....:eek:

That's what you get for ticking off a nurse who's worked 12-13 hours with no lunch, no potty break, and an unsafe patient load....:eek:

She probably still had to potty...

nerdtonurse?, BSN, RN

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And I wonder how long it's going to be before the hitman's family sues for "loss of companionship" or some such BS.

This happened about 6 years ago down in South Carolina -- nurse was meeting her husband for breakfast after her shift, he was late, she got PO'd and went to an ATM for money. A guy tried to rob her with a knife, and apparently got on her last nerve. When the cops pulled up, the would be robber was screamig for help, and she was slamming him face first into the ATM. She broke his arm, his jaw, and most of his teeth.

Of course, then he sued her. And probably won.


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No wonder her husband hired a hitman....he is probably afraid of her...LOL!!!


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Brave woman. I'm glad she's okay. Thank God.

The hitman besides being a killer is dumb as a box of rocks. One less scumbag to worry about.

reynaldo lerio

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Nurses renders TLC and should not be judge guilty until proven innocent because we are innocent until proven otherwise, if not joint with me in police career...

LoveMyBugs, BSN, CNA, RN

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I think the attack actually happened in September 2006.

It happened about a year to two years ago, I worked with the friend of the ex wife of the husband. They caught the husband and he was charged and was held on more than a million dollars bail, I remeber the news covering the story as his daughter was raising money to get her dad out of jail.

I'll bet her associates have a whole new level of respect for her. She should move to Alaska. Sounds like she would do well up here.

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