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Nurse with spastic diplegia CP

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I'm a year and half from graduating with my BSN, yes I'm very excited! I have never really had any problems with my spastic diplegia, it's very mild. I know my limits and I ask for help when I need it. I also know that it takes me awhile to get a rhythm down, there are some things I have to pay more attention to and work harder at. I had a clinical instructor who was not very understanding and was just plain rude to me. I think if she had it her way I would not be going into nursing - in fact she told me I should go into teaching. No thank you.

So after I had a confrontation with her, it has made me very self conscious and the other day doing a practice skill I froze up and my instructors want me to perform the skill again. They aren't failing me or anything, they just know they I might need some extra practice and time to find my own way. I know it's no big deal but I'm freaking out: what if I can't do it?

I honestly don't know what I'd do without nursing. I certainly don't want to be a waitress forever! I'm thinking peds or OR but does anyone have any advice? Or anyone know any nurses with CP?

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Hey! Fellow nurse with mild spastic diplegia here... I just graduated and started my first job as a nurse

I find the 12 hour shifts hard & sometimes go home in considerable amounts of discomfort. I wanted peds but ended up taking a job in a cardiac observation unit since I couldn’t get peds from the get-go. I went through lots of anxiety r/t nursing and still have some, but just do what you love. Try your dream and if it doesn’t work, chase more dreams until you find what does :) don’t listen to anyone who says you “can’t” 🙌🏻☺️❤️❤️ Good luck 

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