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Nurse Residency Program February 2017 - Cone Health

deannahamid specializes in Neurology/ER/ICU.

I got my offer into their nurse residency program (NRP) starting Feb 2017, into an adapted "academy" where I get to do peds, peds ICU, NICU & some maternal areas - never dreamed I'd get into.

Point is, I would love to connect with others who were accepted into one of the NRP academies. Are there anyone who is?

nickysdestiny specializes in pediatric/school nursing.

In all my 11 years of being an LPN I've never heard of that kind of program....does it get you your RN diploma? How do you even get in to something like that

This sounds like an amazing opportunity! If you don't mind me asking, what was your application process for this like? I graduate in May & I'm interested in staying in the pediatric realm.


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