UK RN who took the OSCE intending to get AHPRA registration

  1. Good day nurses

    I would just like to know if there are any nurses here in the UK (who got registered by passing the 2-part exam), has successfully been waived to take the bridging program in Australia. Or what they call registration in principle.

    I have been searching for anyone who has done this and what were the outcomes. Most of the foreign UK RNs that I know who were exempted from the bridging program are the ones who did the ONP.

    Hoping to hear from anyone with knowledge about this.
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  3. by   chrstna
    Hi! I have gone through the OSCE as well and I am interested in transferring to Australia. Do you already know if AHPRA will give registration to osce passers? Or do we really have to take the bridging course?