Problem with CGFNS Transcript Validation Form

  1. Hey everybody,
    right now I'm trying to get my nursing license in Maryland and everything went pretty well so far, but now I'm stuck.
    My nursing school in Germany is supposed to fill out the Transcript Validation Form, but they keep telling me that they can't do it because the school system is apparently very different, so that she's not able to fill out the chart that's asking for the detailed hours.
    Of course CGFNS is telling me that they need the chart filled out by the school in order to review my application.
    I do understand both sides, but it's like a dead-end to me. Anything you could suggest?
    Has anyone had the same problem and was able to fix it?
    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   gayathri.
    I am also looking for a sample filled transcript in order for me to fill and send to the board of nursing to help them on what supposed to be filled in.. Please assist.
  4. by   troikaenerio
    they cant proceed with your application if your school doesn't fill that out. Or you can call CGFNS and ask for more info