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    I'm on here to find some guidance on how to apply RN in Columbus Ohio. Just a quick run down about me.. call me Rose and I am from the Philippines. I got my BSN degree back in 2010 from the Philippines. I didn't get my license there before I left to USA. When I got here that same year, I joined the US military. I'm on my last year in service and will be moving to Ohio here soon. I wanted to know what to do in getting an US RN license and to basically stand on my feet as a nurse and practice what I learned from back then. I know that there are a lot of changes in the nursing and medical field since I graduated. What am I going to do? I checked California BON but there are a lot of things to do to take the NCLEX and I figured Ohio has it's own instructions. Please leave a comment.

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    Get in touch with your state Board of Nursing. They can assist you and help you find what works best. Good luck!
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