onp cost in uk under student or tier 4 visa

  1. will someone be kind enough to enlighten me about the onp process in uk(assuming one has the letter from nmc).what about the slot for school,needed fees and timeline?is it that hard to be granted of a student visa/tier 4?which visa is better?does the approval of such depends so long as you have proofs that you have funds to support yourself?im from the philippines.im a registered nurse (bsn), registered midwife, with a masters degree from an iso-certified university.i have 3 years experience (employed up to present) from a hospital.my partner is workin abroad and i would love to get him if possible.the government here is sick- full of lies, corruption and deception.any ideas?criticisms or suggestions are welcome.you may pm me too.thanks
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    ONP is only through a NMC recognised establishment and should be listed on the NMC website. Regarding cost and waiting list that will depend on the school. Be aware registered midwife will not mean you can be a midwife in the UK, the training for midwives in the UK is 3 years and is a specialty in it's self