need advice on studying in NZ and registration

  1. Hi, i would like to ask for some advice. I want to become a registered nurse in NZ and my nursing experience is not recent but still valid for the nursing council requirement, which is within five years (my last was in 2010), but I am planning to study a course in NZ and then do part-time work so that I can be there already and earning. If ever I'll be eligible to do the CAP and completed the course, can I find an employer even if my experience is not recent and my most current experience is as a caregiver that I earned during my part-time work? Is there anyone here who applied to the nursing council and then while waiting for the letter applied to study in NZ and worked part-time? Hi, do New Zealand BP schools require nursing paid experience and vaccinations like in Australia?How is the situation in NZ now after the BP, do RN find employers who can sponsor them?thank you.
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