Joining NMC with Australian Degree

  1. Hi Nurses

    I am an Australian trained Nurse wishing to move to UK sometime next year. I have checked the requirements section however I still have a few things I need to understand..
    1. Is the Australian Degree accepted considering we don't have Martenity/ Obstetrics as part of our training program??
    2. I started with an 18 months Diploma in Enrolled Nursing and I was given 1 year credit for my bachelor's Degree . So I did 2 years + 1 year credit (870 clinical Hours )at University to get my Bachelor's Degree. Will the NMC accept that one year credit as part of my 3 years training program?? I did not register or work as an Enrolled Nurse, I just used it as a pathway to my degree.
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    Really until NMC review your application it is difficult to say whether you will meet requirements