Good Standing Certificate from Saudi Council

  1. Hi ! I need some advice here , Singapore Nursing Board required a good standing certificate to be sent to them by Saudi Council. But when i was working at Saudi in 2004-2005 , i have left saudi for so long , where to get dood standing certicate?
    i have even sent an email to Saudo Commision for healrh specialties , unfortunately they were no reply
    so what else can i do ?!

    thanks you
    need advise here

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  3. by   carlomarcos
    You can get a computer generated Saudi Council Good Standing Certificate, hopefully you still have your old SCFHS ID with you and you also need a friend in Saudi Arabia because they only accept payment thru Saudi ATMS. There is a good tutorial out there, kindly search google for it. They will send you and e-copy and a official link straight from their website.