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  1. Howdy guys? So since my application for NCLEX-RN here in Cali was denied. I am taking another chance by applying to other state. And I decided to apply in NY. I'm a graduate from Philippines so I have to apply to CGFNS to verify my credentials. I'm done with the online application, paid the ordered I've purchased and sent the forms as a certified mail. I just want to know how long will it take before CGFNS update their system? And I checked my tracking number it says there that they've left a notice because no authorized recipient available. Will CGFNS make an effort to call or pick up the mail in the post office? I'm just worried that the post office will just return the forms to me after 15 days. I'm thinking if I should send another form or should I wait for 1 more week?

    Hope you could help me. Thanks a lot!
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    CVS takes approx 6 months to complete CGFNS will get your paperwork it just takes a bit of time