Cgfns Cvs issued report to NY BON

  1. Hello Goodafternoon guys!
    I am doing my DIY application in US Nursing. To those who have done the same thing.
    How long does it take to wait for the NY BON to release my report? I am puzzled if I will enroll for my masters or just to wait for the decision? Thanks in advance! By the way CGFNS CVS already issued the report to the NYBON last November but haven't received any email from them..
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Usually you get an answer from NY BON within 2 months as a lot depends on your report arriving before their monthly review. Plus they will have been closed some days over the Christmas holidays
  4. by   aspireRN
    Thank you Silverdragon.. So I guess I shall continue my study while into the waiting game..