Bridging Program in Australia

  1. Hi! I am new here. I would like to ask for your help guys. I am planning to be on bridging program in Australia by next year, 2019. Can yoh please guide me or help me for the process on it. I Do you know the RPS immigration agency? Are they good or do they cost too much? Do you have any recommended agency to assist me up for my applications? Is it true that IRON courses will be a 4-6 months course? Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Have you done AHPRA? I believe you will need something from them to register for bridging courses
  4. by   Habibin
    @silverdragon102, no not yet. I am still wondering which english profiency test is more easier, ielts or pte? I am currently here in Saudia Arabia,I am having hard time in finding for any review centers that could help or enlighten me with these two. So, I am relying thru internet surfing
  5. by   Majai
    You can apply for the bridging on your own. Download the application form from AHPRA website. The website would also have the list of names of schools that provide bridging program. You can freely email them to inquire on their program as well.