RN to NP Transition in terms of benefits.

  1. I am new grad PMHNP with full time RN position( 80K salary with benefits).After three months of constant intervews I was offered 2 part time NP positions. My yearly income will decrease, since I am loosing my benefits. Both positions offer 2-3 clinic to cover in less then 24 houres a week. Unfortunately, all my intervews for the full time NP positions were unsucsessfull. The full time positions offered salary 90-100K , there is no direct supervision and in come cases the comuting demand is to cover 5 or more clinical setting ( outpatient, office, shelters and other).
    I wonder if I can ask my employe PTO for les then 20 houres a week.
    Any other benefets that are possible for part time position.
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